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Text Messaging (SMS) on your Cell Phone

The Power of Text Messaging (SMS)

Text messaging is quickly growing to become one of the most common forms of communication around the globe because of it’s simplicity, unobtrusiveness and speed. To see more information and statistics on the trends of text messaging with mobile phones check out The Power of SMS.

Text Messaging Q & A


How to send a “Text Message”

Text messaging is a way to communicate on your mobile phone by sending and receiving plain text messages. Other terms for text messaging include SMS (which stands for Short Message Service), texting, mobile messaging, wireless messaging, and short mail.

To determine if you can send text messages, the best thing to do is contact your wireless service provider or reference your mobile phone’s manual. The text messaging service is typically found on your mobile phone menu under ‘Messages’. After selecting ‘Messages’, you have an option to ‘Send’ or ‘Create’ a message. This is typically how you would begin the process of sending a text message. The type of message you would create or send is called a ’short message’, ‘text message’, or ‘message’.

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What is SMS?

SMS stands for ‘Short Message Service’ and is a way to communicate on your mobile phone by sending and receiving plain text messages. Other terms for SMS include text messaging, texting, mobile messaging, wireless messaging and short mail.

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Is text messaging the same as email?

Technically, they are not the same. However, they are very similar, and many mobile devices can send and receive both.

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Who can I send an SMS or text messages to?

In the U.S., you can send an SMS or text message to any other mobile phone user by addressing the message to their mobile phone number. Additionally, you can send messages to participate in polls, voting, games and a variety of other exciting mobile applications by addressing your SMS or text message to a short code. Look for short codes on product packaging and in TV and print advertising.

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What kind of phone do I need to send SMS or text messages?

Nearly every new mobile phone allows you to send and receive SMS or text messages, and this information will be presented to you as part of the phone’s capabilities when you make your purchase. For older phones, it is best to contact your wireless service provider if you are not sure, and they can either explain how to send and read messages or provide you with details on upgrading to a phone with these capabilities.

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How does SMS or text messaging work?

SMS or text messaging is a text-only message delivery system on mobile phone networks. As a complement to voice calls, text messages travel through the wireless service provider’s network, routed and delivered much like a voice call. The messaging server for SMS or text messaging routes all messages to the appropriate mobile phone or application based on the number in the destination address.
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