Cellulist - Real Estate Lead Generation & Marketing
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For Buyers

  • Easy, instant access to property info : Do this without speaking with an agent and have them get in touch with you on your own terms, when YOU’RE ready to talk.
  • Request electronic brochures : Via your phone, request e-brochures to your email inbox
  • Privacy guaranteed : Only receive information when you authorize contact

For Sellers

  • Lead Generation : Reach potential buyers faster, save on commission splits and have buyers contact you directly
  • Be more competitive : Leverage mobile technology and set yourself apart in the market
  • Cost effective marketing : Cheaper than color brochures and save money on reusable signs to go with any property
  • ROI Tracking : Monitor your listing activity anytime, anywhere
  • Simple, no-hassle plans : Simple monthly fee and cancel or upgrade anytime
  • Reusable Cellulist signs : Only buy the number of signs you need and then reuse
  • Advertise your property : In the front yard or in any other medium (e.g. rider, newspaper, TV, or magazine)